Milton: next steps

July 17, 2017

I’ve been thinking a lot about Milton. I mean, I usually think a lot about Milton but this year I have (finally) taken the time to step away and look at it from a distance. I got a job and I started a fancy new project and suddenly I didn’t have any free time anymore. Milton naturally faded from my awareness.

I was about ready to go into maintenance mode with it; to just fix the occasional bug but not really implement anything new. But after some soul searching, I have realized that my job is not done. Milton is still not close to what it could be.

I have big plans for my little drawing program, but if I’m going to go through with them I need to be a little more conscious about money.

Starting today, Milton will become a GPL-licensed free software project, but I will dual-license it to anyone who might want to use it as a library (that might never happen, but it also might!).

Also starting today, I will start dedicating my efforts towards a product based on Milton, which in keeping tradition with my absolutely horrible project-naming ability, will be referred to as Milton Plus. I might change the name to something less terrible later, but Milton was initially a code name too…

Milton Plus will be a macOS application. Mostly because I bought a macbook and I need a reason to justify my little purchase, but also because Mac users don’t mind paying for beautiful products. And it will be a beautiful product, with a new GUI that’s nice and pretty and modern and with features like PSD exporting and video time-lapses.

I estimate at least a year of development effort, working weekdays after my day job.

I am excited to see how it goes. I have gone through shipping a (commercial) product on my own before and one thing I learned is that if you build it, they won’t come. It’s really important to be very public about it, do PR, talk to humans. At the very least I need to blog a little bit more often!

(p.s. The compiler project is alive and well. I might even blog about it sometime… It will take a back seat to this, though)