August 5, 2016

Hi there!

My name is Sergio Fernando González López. My name would be even cooler if I was well-versed in sword fighting and seduction.

I love programming. My latest and greatest thing is Milton, the 100% gluten-free paint program. I have listed my other stuff here, in my projects page.

I am an overachieving underachiever. In 2016, a couple of years too late and after what can only be described as divine intervention, I got my degree in Computer Science from UNAM in Mexico City. Before that I was an intern twice at Google and once at Microsoft.

2017 update: I’m now working at Intel.

I play the piano a little better than I play the guitar, which is not great.

I really like drawing too, but last time I tried to take it seriously I ended up writing a drawing program instead.

I love film. I used to make movies and animations as a kid. I love to read and I like to write too - hence this blog. I hope you like what I write!